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Where did the IDR 2 billion come from to rent JIS for the big campaign? This is what the AMIN Team said

The Anies-Cak Imin National Team (AMIN National Team) said the cost to rent the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) was IDR 2 billion. The rental costs were paid by the AMIN National Team for the sake of the big campaign on February 10. Where does the money come from?

“From the AMIN Team,” said the Head Coach of the AMIN National Team, Ahmad Ali, when asked by infojkt, Saturday (3/2/2023).

The plan is that the campaign at JIS will be the last day of the grand campaign for the presidential and vice presidential candidate pair number 01. The event will be held throughout the morning, starting from 07.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB on Sunday 10 February. For JIS’s rent of IDR 2 billion, the source was money from joint venture employees Anies and Cak Imin.”Yes, all financing is done by crowdfunding,” said Ahmad Ali.

This NasDem Party politician is confident that the big campaign event at JIS will be held safely. Regarding the cost of IDR 2 billion, it doesn’t matter.

“You really think the AMIN Team is too poor,” he said jokingly.

Meanwhile, AMIN National Team Captain Muhammad Syaugi Alaydrus invited all volunteers to attend JIS to provide support for the realization of change in Indonesia on February 14 2024.

Taking the theme ‘Grand Gathering Together One Dare to Change’, Syaugi invited all volunteers to come to the AMIN couple’s grand campaign on the last day. “I call on all champions of change to attend and prepare for their presence from now on,” said Syaugi in his statement.

Syaugi confirmed that in the regions there are even many volunteer nodes that have started to coordinate and register their members to attend on a self-funded and self-funded basis. Not only volunteers, cadres from political parties from the Change Coalition, namely Nasdem, PKB and PKS will also be present. Details of the event, activity flow and other technical matters will be announced in the near future.


Congestion Points on Inner City Toll Roads This Morning

Traffic on the Inner City Toll Road experienced congestion from the Jagorawi and Japek Toll Roads this morning. This density is due to the dense volume of vehicles.

“Cawang KM 02 is congested, traffic volume is dense. Tebet KM 03 – Pancoran KM 04 towards Slipi is congested, traffic volume is dense,” as quoted from Jasa Marga’s Twitter, Friday (19/1/2024).

Apart from that, congestion also occurred at Kuningan KM 06 to Semanggi KM 07 towards Slipi. This density is due to the dense traffic volume.

Officers have now implemented a contraflow lane on the right, from the direction of Halim KM 00+200 – Senayan KM 08+100. Officers urge motorists to be orderly in the queue.

Based on the TMC Polda Metro Jaya Twitter, congestion on the Inner City Toll Road section occurs from the direction of Jagorawi and from the direction of Cikampek towards the direction of Pancoran.

“The traffic situation on the Simpang Cawang Inner City Toll Road from Jagorawi and Cikampek towards Pancoran is observed to be busy and tends to be congested,” said TMC Polda Metro Jaya.

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